• ADS Purple Grape Snow foam 1L


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    Purple Grape is our high quality snow foam product, It has high dilution awesome cleaning power and all with a Grape scent.

    The dilutions on Purple Grape can go down to as low as 50ml of product to 250ml of warm water depending on the lance you have and the condition of the car, usually go with 100ml to 500ml warm water and find that a very effective mix with the pressure washer on half feed. If the car is heavily soiled then you may wish to use the whole mix or even up the mix but we have found that this is usually enough to deal with most soiling.

    Purple Grape can also be diluted in a trigger bottle to aid the removal of bug splatters and as an exterior APC style product, if using for this purpose then approx 30ml to 500ml of water should work fine.

    Ph Neutral
    High Cleaning Power
    High Dilution
    Fresh Grape Scent