• ADS Wet Seal 500ml


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    WET SEAL is our spray sealant that is designed to be applied to wet paint to create an instant, easy seal. This saves you time when doing a maintenance wash and can be used on all surfaces to aid protection.

    Important things to remember when using this product:

    • Don’t use on hot surfaces
    • Don’t allow to dry on
    • Avoid using in hard water areas
    • Work on a panel at a time and rinse well

    To apply: After washing and rinsing vehicle, leave the paint wet. Work on one panel at time, misting WET SEAL onto a wash mitt then wiping over the surface, rinsing with clean water straight away. Dry well after full vehicle application is complete.

    Irritation to eyes, flush well if contact occurs.

    Keep out of reach of children

    Wash hands well after handling

    Wear gloves when using