• Aerolack Aircraft Care Insect Remove 500ml


    Please note Aerolack Insect Remove is stored off site and can take up to 72 hrs to dispatch, please call if you need more info.

    Aerolack Insect Remove is an insect remover with a formulation specifically tailored for organic substances - also outstanding in the removal of bird excretions. Even when Spraying you can see how effortlessly Aerolack Insect Remove tackles highly adhesive insect remains. As with all Aerolack products, Insect Remove is very gentle on the material.


    1. Spray Aerolack insect Remove on to the contaminated surfaces and leave to work for 2 - 3 minutes 

    2. Wipe away the loosened insect remains with a clean cloth or Microfibre. 

    Do not rub too hard in the case of burnt-on deposits repeat the process until dead insects can be removed without using force.