• Aerolack Aircraft Care Shampoo 1L


    Please note Aerolack Shampoo is stored off site so please allow 72 hours for dispatch, please call if you need more info.

    Aerolack™ Shampoo is a highly economical concentrate with a high proportion (22%) of surfactants. 
    It is designed for frequent washing and, despite its dirt removal capability; it is very gentle on the material and the environment. 

    The shine and preservative effect of Aerolack™ 'All in One sealants are conserved during washing. 

    The lubricating formulation helps prevent the paintwork from wearing out.

    Plastics and rubber seals are not affected.

    1. Hose off loose dirt.
    2. Put 1 - 2 caps full of shampoo into a bucket and foam up with water.
    3. Using a wash mitt, wash the aircraft from top to bottom.

    4. Finally rinse with plenty of water. 

    Do not use in strong sunlight or on very hot surfaces. 
    Do not allow the shampoo solution to dry on the paintwork.
    Protect from frost.