Britemax Final Shine 236ml (8oz)


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Britemax Final Shine removes light oxidation and light to medium staining from bare metals, chrome and stainless steel.

Final Shine removes light oxidation and light to medium staining from bare metals, chrome and stainless steel. This unique formulation is fortified to provide a 'chrome like' appearance on polished aluminium with a protective resin polymer seal. 

Final Shine will continue to protect the metal for months even when exposed to the elements. Final Shine has a similar chemical design to Easy Cut replacing the accelerated cleaning power with a hard protective layer. This product is designed to create a show quality finish that stands up to environmental elements such as moisture, wash solvents, road grime, salt etc.  

Because Final Shine has a non-binding feel while polishing, it's very easy to work with. Allow Final Shine to dry completely. When the residue is wiped off, the results are dramatic. Polished aluminium looks like chrome. The two greatest attributes of Final Shine are it is extremely quick and easy to work with and it leaves an amazing finish. Not for use on plated or anodized metals.

How to use. Shake well and often before and during use. Make sure all solids have been released from the bottom of the container. Apply small amounts to a soft cloth and rub into surface with light to medium pressure. On metals such as aluminium, brass or copper rub until product turns black.
On chrome or stainless steel rub until stains are gone. Let product dry to a greyish haze. With a dry cloth, remove surface residue completely. Repeat as needed to obtain maximum shine. For best application we find the use of an old rag or terry cloth works best. Can also be used with steel wool.
Less is more and only a small amount of product is required. You will notice that it blackens quickly, whilst it is not necessary we recommend you let the product dry before removing with a clean towel or microfiber cloth. 
For improved protection and durability metals polished and sealed with 'Final Shine' can also be topped with a polymer sealant.

  • Quickly Brightens & Seals Metals
  • Removes Light / Medium Stains
  • Leaves a Long-Lasting Protective Shine
  • Leaves no Heavy Hard to Remove Residue
  • Apply to Warm Metals & in Direct Sunlight
  • Easy On & Easy Off Application
  • Also availabe in 118ml & 473ml sizes