Britemax Trim Max Black Trim Restorer 118ml


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Trim Max restores dried out, faded and oxidized white / grey plastic trim back to its original deep rich black colour. Trim Max is the perfect answer for restoring and protecting all plastics and vinyl trim including bumpers, mirror caps, door handles, wiper arms ... in fact Trim Max is suitable for any part originally manufactured in black plastic.

Trim Max's advanced VOC free formula combines an unique drying oil with polymer-forming properties, designed to deeply penetrate and bind to plastics and vinyl surfaces. Upon exposure to air, Trim Max forms a solid film that hardens and cross links to protect the surface.

How to apply: For best results, thoroughly clean and agitate surfaces first with Britemax Grime Out cleaner and degreaser and allow to dry completely before application - this stage is very important! Wear gloves and eye protection, product will stain clothing and skin. Shake the bottle well and apply a small amount to an applicator pad or microfiber sponge. Spread a thin coat over the designated area ideally in the shade in an even motion, covering the area completely. Allow Trim Max to penetrate for 1-2 minutes. Avoid getting product onto unprotected or single stage paint, mask if necessary and wipe off immediately. Use a clean microfibre cloth to buff. Stand back and admire the results! Allow to fully cure for at least four hours before getting wet. 

  • Restores plastic & vinyl trim
  • Dries to the touch quickly
  • Non-greasy formulation
  • Increible value, a little goes a long way
  • Easy to use, wipe on and buff
  • Advanced VOC free formula
  • Also available in a larger 473ml (16oz) size