Carlack 68 Complete 500ml


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The classic product for the perfect finish cleans, cares, protects

This product combines a highly effective paintwork cleaner and a resistant sealant.

In one process Carlack Complete cleans pore deep and removes paintwork oxidation road dirt tar, oil, insects, brake dust and rust film.
Then seals the surface with a protective polymer layer

The technology prize winning polyethylene acrylic compound seals the surface with a protective polymer layer, providing high level preservation and protecting the surface extremely effectively against harmful environmental influences.

Carlack Complete creates a brilliant shine without laborious polishing and can be used on wet or dry surfaces.

Car-Lack Complete is completely abrasive free meaning you can use this product as many times as you desire without damaging your paintwork in the long term.

No other acrylic sealer on the market provides as much protection.

Wash the vehicle thoroughly as usual, preferably with Carlack Shampoo

Apply a thin layer of Carlack Complete on all smooth surfaces using a clean soft cloth. 
The surfaces do not need to be dry before applying the product.

Wait at least 30 minutes for the surface to dry (avoid strong sunlight).
For a streak free and smear free shine the product needs to be completely dry.
Wipe away the dried product residue thoroughly with a soft, clean microfibre cloth

The Finish can be further enhance and protected using Carlack Longlife