Carlack Cut & Polish Compound 250ml All in One


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Carlack Cut&Polish Compound is a high-quality grinding and high-gloss finishing polish compound in one.

The grinding medium is exclusively aluminium oxide, which has the hardness of a sapphire.

The formulation also includes 100% best-in-class carnauba wax.

Carlack Cutting Compound is used to recondition weathered, dull paintwork.

Carlack Cut & Polish Compound can be applied manually or using a machine


1. Clean surfaces prior to treatment. Maybe try Carlack Shampoo 

2. Put a hazelnut-sized amount onto a polishing applicator or polishing pad and polish at low pressure and low speed.

Tip: The better the condition of the surface, the less pressure needs to be applied. 
A good finish is achieved with patience, not effort.