Carlack Cutting Compound Paste 250g Pot


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Carlack Cutting Compound Paste Sapphire-like Hardness Abrasive.

Put an end to weathered and dull car paintwork.

Carlack Cutting Compound is used to treat highly weathered, dull paintwork.

Instead of polishing chalk, this high-quality paste contains aluminium oxide as an abrasive. 

These particles achieve a sapphire-like hardness, which is why Carlack Cutting Compound can even be used to machine glass.

The cutting compound can be used manually and mechanically.

A medium duty cutting compound that will remove excess paint repairs, medium to deep scratches and serious imperfections on the bodywork. 

Works perfectly with metal, hard chrome and brushed steels and is amazing for bare metal alloy work!

1. Clean surfaces prior to treatment.
2. Put a hazelnut-sized amount onto a polishing cloth or polishing disc and polish at low pressure and low speed.

Tip: The better the condition of the surface, the less pressure needs to be applied. 
A good finish is achieved with patience, not effort.