• Carlack Fast Detailer 500ml


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    Carlack Fast Detailer.  Water-based quick detailing spray fortified with acrylic polymers.
    Perfect shine for in-between cleans, the rapid cleaner for light dirt.

    Carlack Fast Detailer is a rapid cleaner with acrylic wax. 
    Its anti-friction properties enable a removal of light contamination, such as chalk spots, road dust and fingerprints between car washes – without damaging the paintwork.

    Carlack Fast Detailer provides a perfect finish with an attractive gloss effect and regenerates the surface protection of a vehicle sealed with Carlack Complete and/or Carlack Long Life

    500ml Spray Bottle

    Spray Carlack Fast Detailer on the paintwork and wipe dry using a good quaility microfibre cloth