• Carlack Wheel & Rim Cleaner 500ml


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    Carlack Wheel & Rim Cleaner 500ml Powerful Safe pH Neutral Acid & Alkaline Free

    The new wheel cleaner innovation from Carlack, Gentle on wheels, tough on brake dust.

    Carlack Wheel & Rim is an acid-free wheel cleaner which is suitable for all wheels despite its powerful cleaning capacity, whether aluminium or steel, polished, machine-polished, chrome-plated or anodised, the pH-neutral formulation has no effect on even on the most sensitive finish.


    1. Shake Carlack Wheel & Rim well before use.

    2. Spray evenly over dirty wheels. In the case of heavy dirt, rub in well with a sponge or wheel brush

    3. After 3 to 4 minutes when the cleaner takes on a purple colour, thoroughly hose off the wheels with a high-pressure hose.