CarPro Perl - Trim Protectant 500ml


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Perl is a water based silicon oxide, solvent-free, hydrophobic trim & tyre dressing that provides great satin shine and revives faded surfaces.

While it can easily spray, it has great cling to keep it on the surface with life time up to 3 months. PERL has no chemical solvents which can cause damage to tires; furthermore PERL contains a high degree UV protectant to keep the surface from yellowing, cracking and sun damage fading.

Car Pro PERL will stop leather from cracking and protect from dirt and stains penetrating the surface. Treated surfaces require less cleaning and will remain in like-new condition. It restores the original finish to vinyl, rubber, plastic, acrylic, and leather. P.E.R.L helps vinyl surface' stay supple, flexible, and retain their color with regular use of PERL. All surface coated create satin shine, non greasy, non oily absorbing substance, and with great smell as well.

PERL is a water based formula provides great durability on all tires, interior and exterior trim, vinyl and dashboards.

How to use?

Dilute PERL with water; pour into sprayer, ready for use. Clean well the surface from dirt, oil and dust, Shake well before use, spray on surface from 20cm distance and wipe off with MF . On tyres and rubber can be applied with sponge applicator.

Recommend dilution ratio (parts to water):

- External plastics - 1: 3
- Engine - 1:1~3
- Tires - 1:1
- Interior rubber / dashboard / leather / vinyl - 1:5

Available in 500ml