Dunking Biscuit Aura Ceramic Quick Detailer 500ml


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Aura is our new and improved Si02 infused Ceramic Quick Detailer. This cutting edge formulation offers a truly versatile Quick Detailer which can be used on your vehicles paintwork, metal, glass and even plastics offering off the chart gloss levels, a super slick non-stick surface and 3 months of protection from a simple spray and wipe application.

Aura is the perfect maintenance step for removing dust, watermarks and fingerprints from your vehicles paintwork while leaving superior water repellency and working as a maintenance topper to your existing protection. Removes dust, watermarks and fingerprints from your vehicles paintwork.

  • Gives superior water repellency.
  • Provides deep shine, slick surface and a non-stick finish.
  • Paintwork protection lasts up to 3 months.
  • Use on paintwork, metal, plastics and glass.

1. Ensure the vehicles paintwork is clean and cool to the touch before applying.
2. Apply Aura directly to one panel at a time and remove using one of our plush microfibre buffing cloths.
3. Stand back with a bag of fizzy bubblegum bottles and admire the slick durable shine.