• Dunking Biscuit Dunking Rim Ticklers


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    Our Dunking Rim Ticklers are the safest and most effective way to clean your precious rims.

    Made from a soft synthetic construction, featuring a non-slip Dunking branded grip you can be sure there’s no way for damage to occur to the finish of your wheels.

    Comprising of 2 sizes they have all areas of not only your wheels covered but also exhausts, door shuts and more.

    • Made from a soft synthetic construction.
    • Featuring a non-slip Dunking branded grip.
    • 2 sizes as part of the set.
    • Use on your wheels, exhaust, door shuts and more.


    After use ensure that you thoroughly rinse the rim ticklers.

    Add 25ml of our Dynamic Microfibre Wash to a bucket and fill with clean water.

    Gently massage the rim ticklers by hand ensuring they’re clean and free of any dirt or debris. Allow to air dry ready for their next use.