Dunking Biscuit Dynamic Microfibre Wash Liquid 500ml


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Dynamic is a concentrated Microfibre Liquid Wash which has been designed to gently care for your microfibres to ensure their absorbency is not diminished.

Formulated from a surfactant blend which is tough on oily marks but gentle enough to be used on delicate cloths, Dynamic is very mild and can be used both by hand and machine.

  • Concentrated Microfibre Wash Liquid
  • Enhances your towels and cloths absorbency.
  • Tough on Marks/Stains.
  • Gentle on delicate cloths and applicators.
  • Economy as expected with upto 10 washes per bottle.

Machine use:
For an average load use 50ml of solution.
For a heavy load use 75ml of solution.

Manual use:
Use approximately 20ml of solution to 5 litres of water.