Dunking Biscuit Gleam 500ml


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Gleam is a cutting edge All In One Polish. It is formulated with a blend of waxes, silicones and polymers together with some mild abrasives. It’s the perfect tool to remove oxidation, contamination and light swirls from your vehicles paintwork whilst using a mix of special silicones and polymers to Glaze over any defects that may be present and add a super glossy shine. To top it off, the wax element of Gleam provides up to 2 months of protection as well as brilliant water beading behaviour.

Directions for use

1.       Ensure the vehicle is clean and dry before application.
Do not apply in direct sunlight and apply to one panel at a time.
2. Apply 4 – 5 pea sized drops of gleam to the surface of our Polish Applicator Pad.

3.       Apply thinly and evenly, working the solution into the paintwork using mild pressure, leave to cure for a few moments.
4.  Buff off with one of our premium microfibre cloths.


Important information

Keep out of the reach of children.

Avoid contact with eyes, and do not ingest.

Use in a well ventilated area.