Dunking Biscuit Purge 500ml


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Purge is an advanced spray able gel designed specifically for the removal of Tar and sticky residues.

Engineered to be safer than existing Tar and sticky stuff removers, Purge allows for longer dwell times compared to traditional products out there, allowing the product to target Tar and Sticky stuff for longer due to its gel like consistency rather than simply evaporating or dripping off.

  • Innovative spray and cling formula.
  • Longer dwell time than other traditional tar and sticky stuff removers.
  • Incredibly pleasant scent.
  • Much safer formulation compared to others.

DO NOT use on areas which have had smart repairs or which have NOT been professionally painted.

If unsure, test on an inconspicuous area first.

  1. Spray the solution onto the surface while it is dry and allow to dwell.
  2. Rinse the solution thoroughly using a pressure washer.