Dunking Biscuit Renew 250ml


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Renew is a hydrophobic trim and rubber dresser. Its gentle water based formulation cleans and protects your trims, rubbers and also exterior plastics.

Renew has been engineered with natural oils and polymers to prevent penetration of moisture, dirt, and provide maximum UV resistant weather protection.

Renew will restore the “as new” look to your trims, and smells amazing.

Renew is easy to apply and super economical. It provides a variable shine finish. One coat will provide a matt finish; further coats will produce a gloss finish.

Directions for use

1.            Ensure you’re the area you’re applying Renew to is clean and completely dry.

2.            Apply a small amount of renew onto an applicator pad, apply directly to the surface and allow to cure for 5 minutes. Lightly buff to remove excess using a lint free cloth.

3.            If a more glossy finish is required then additional coats can be applied until desired finish is achieved.

Important information

Keep out of the reach of children.

Avoid contact with eyes and do not ingest.

Wash hands thoroughly after use.