G3 Pro High Shine Shampoo 500ml


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  • Softens and lifts dirt
  • Ideal preparation for surface rectification
  • Silicone free – body shop safe

G3 Pro High Shine Shampoo removes surface contaminants to leave your vehicle’s surface thoroughly clean and prepared for renovation, scratch removal and waxing.

Before starting any kind of surface restoration or wax application, it is imperative that all loose debris and dirt has been removed to prevent scratching.

The concentrated, low-sud formula allows you to check the surface as you’re cleaning.

  1. Squirt a small quantity of G3 Pro High Shine Shampoo into a bucket of warm water and mix well
  2. Apply with a clean G3 Pro Lambs Wool Wash Mitt in small sections using a circular motion
  3. Use a 2 bucket system: Rinse the mitt in a separate bucket of warm water to remove dirt between washing each section of your vehicle
  4. Rinse the vehicle with clean water

CAUTION: Do not use the water from the buckets to rinse the vehicle.