G3 Pro Multi Cleaner 500ml


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  • Safe on all surfaces – no staining
  • Breaks down oil and grease
  • Powerful on stubborn marks
  • Silicone free – bodyshop safe

G3 Pro Multicleaner is a rigorous yet safe all purpose cleaner (APC) for use on all soft and hard surfaces, including engine bays, wheel arch liners, carpets and upholstery.

It is a silicone-free cleaning product that will not discolour rubber, plastics, vinyl or fabric.

For maximum performance use neat, but it can be diluted with water for lighter contamination.

INTERIOR – Thoroughly vacuum interior before use

  1. Spray Multicleaner onto the area to be cleaned
  2. Wipe clean, removing any residue


  1. Spray Multicleaner  onto the area to be cleaned
  2. Agitate with a brush or microfibre cloth. Repeat for heavily soiled areas
  3. Wipe clean, removing any residue


  • Interior – Dilute up to 10:1 (water:solution), for heavily soiled surfaces it can also be applied neat.
  • Exterior – Use neat for heavy dirt, dilute up to 2:1 (water:solution) for maintenance clean.
  • Engine Bay – Use neat to break down oily residue.
    • Through a foam lance – Within the foam lance bottle mix 250ml of solution to 750ml of water
  • Wheel arches – Use neat, or up to 2:1 (water:solution) for maintenance.
  • Tyres – Use neat, or up to 2:1 (water:solution) for maintenance.

NOTE: Powerful on stubborn marks, breaking down oil and grease. Use in a pressure washer for engine bays.