Infinity Wax Rapid Detailer Limited Edition


❝It’s not often I get excited about a limited edition product anymore, but let me explain what’s going on here.

Rather than just changing colour/ fragrance in the next limited edition rapid detailer we decided on another angle. Something that’s not been done before.

What you have here is our summer rapid detailer with watermelon 🍉 fragrance and an interesting green colour.

But inside is a twist, we have boosted 2 of the ingredients in the regular product by 50% 😳

The end result is quite remarkable, more of a sealant detail spray than what you would be used to before but still very easy to use like before. I can not explain enough how slick this is! It’s truly unbelievable. Couple that with the extra gloss from this version your looking a really special one off product.

The best part though is probably that despite these changes the price remains the same as the normal version. ❞