Juicy Details Apple Sourz Suds 500ml


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Juicy Details Apple Sours Suds is a bright luminous green coloured car shampoo with a refreshing apple sour scent.

The Juicy Details car shampoo will cut through dirt and grime with ease. Despite this, it will not strip any existing layers of wax as it’s a PH neutral shampoo.  Our ingredients will give a smooth feel as you wash exterior surfaces clean. Apple Sour Suds ability to give long lasting suds which will help lift dirt and grime particles safely away. As a concentrate shampoo only needing 1-2 capfuls added to your wash bucket, makes our shampoo great value for money.


Pre Rinse or snowfoam to loosen any dirt and grit. Add approximately 1-2 cap fulls to bucket of clean water and scratch guard. Give it a little blip with the pressure washer to create a luxurious shampoo that will glide across your vehicles bodywork. Use the 2 bucket method for the safest option to keep your car swirl free

The Juicy Details Apple Sours Experience