Juicy Details Double Mint Wheel Shampoo 500ml


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Juicy Details Double Mint Wheel Cleaner is a PH neutral effective wheel shampoo that is kind on wheels, whilst being PH neutral is extremely tough on contaminates. East to use spray application which can be diluted down to as much as 1-15. Quickly foams up once agitated with ease while giving you the power to clean all unwanted brake dust and road film build up.


Simply dilute to your requirement or follow our table below. Safe to use neat if required on tougher contaminates. Rinse wheels off with water, spray even coat over alloys or trim. Use brush or cloth to agitate if necessary. Rinse off with hose or pressure washer.

Dilution Rates,

For heavy soiled wheels dilute product neat to 1-4 parts of water.

For lightly soiled wheels dilute from 1-4 to 1-15 parts water.

Can be used neat safely.

Juicy Details recommend using our hand hold bottle and foaming trigger.