Juicy Details Rain Aid 100ml


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Juicy Details Rain Aid Glass Sealant is a special formula to create an invisible film over your exterior glass, will bead rain from speeds as little as 30mph, whilst giving you an enhanced driving ability in the rain. Rain Aid will protect your glass from all elements you’d expect, from fallout, tree sap, bugs and general dirt and grime. You can expect during summer months durability can be from 3-6 months, and in winter anything from 1-3 months.



Apply Rain Aid to a washed clean and dry glass, making sure you’ve removed any dirt or grime, and bugs using our Clear View glass cleaner spray over screen and wipe clean, using a different clean pad or microfibre cloth apply Rain Aid in a circle motion making sure you cover all glass, Rain Aid will then start to flash off. Leave for 5 minutes and finally buff off with a clean microfiber cloth, any remaining residue spray Clear View to remove giving a fresh sealed windscreen.  

Durability can last up to 6 months during summer and from 1-2 in winter, when your feel it necessary repeat the above process.