Poorboy's World Spray and Gloss 473ml


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No frills – just a slick, high-gloss shine.

Spray & Gloss is a quick detailer with superior gloss enhancing properties. You’ll find the formula is very slick, which allows gritty particles to slide off without scratching your paint. Dust, dirt, fingerprints, and smudges wipe off instantly The formula contains impressive gloss enhancing agents that really turn up your shine and improve the brightness and clarity of your paint. Like any Poorboy’s product, it works as well as more expensive brands but costs less.

It is very versatile - Use it on paint, glass, chrome, aluminium and more without streaking. There are no special instructions for Spray & Gloss. Just spray and wipe in the sun or in the shade. The formula does not streak or haze.

Sizes available: 16oz (473ml)