Poorboy's World Strip Down Wax Remover 473ml


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Turn Your Washing Process Into a Stripping Process with Strip Down! 

Poorboy's World Strip Down is a high-powered, yet paintwork safe wax stripper that removes old car wax and sealants, removes polishing oils and buffing residue, cuts through tough road film, gets rid of mould and mildew, dissolves dirt and grime and removes tree sap safely and effectively. When you want to remove old layers of wax, dirt, grime and sap and start with a clean surface, you need to take it all off with Strip Down!

Strips Off Wax and Sealants

Removes Polishing Oils & Residue

Cuts Through Tough Road Film

Gets Rid of Mould and Mildew

Dissolves Dirt & Grime

Softens and Removes Tree Sap


Prepare your car wash supplies such as water supply, car wash soap, buckets, etc before using.

Rinse vehicle thoroughly with clean water to remove loose dirt and debris.

Without drying the vehicle, spray Strip Down directly onto the paint surface that you want to strip.

Make sure to obtain even coverage and proceed to spray Strip Down onto the all of the vehicle's painted surfaces.

Now wash and agitate the surface with a wash mitt and car wash soap as usual.

Rinse thoroughly, dry and proceed with detailing as usual.

With Strip Down from Poorboy's World, you will now have a paint surface that is free of wax and sealant and is ready for polishing and reapplication of your favourite paint protection products.

Size: 473ml