Renovo Soft Top Reviver Dark Brown


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This unique and innovative formula is simple to apply and gives unbelievable results even when the fabric soft top is severely faded on your new or classic car.

We recommend using Renovo Fabric Soft Top Cleaner according to the ‘severely soiled’ instructions on the bottle to thoroughly clean your convertible top prior to applying Soft Top Reviver. It is important to ensure that the fabric is free of grease, dirt and any previous waterproof coatings before using Soft Top Reviver.

After reviving the colour, many of our customers extend the longevity of the makeover by applying our weatherproofing Ultra Proofer too.
Renovo Soft Top Reviver is available in Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Red or Dark Brown and is quite literally a new soft top out of a bottle.
Although originally created for soft tops, the Soft Top Reviver is also ideal for boat covers, canvas, double duck, and mohair coverings as it re-colours and reconditions them all like new.

Please see our Do's & Don'ts page before placing your order.

A new soft top out of a bottle!

Please note: Do not dilute or mix Reviver with any other product! This would seriously impair the product performance and may damage your car.

  1. Ensure that the soft top is dry and free from grease, dirt and previous waterproof coatings by thoroughly cleaning with Renovo Fabric Soft Top Cleaner before commencing application.
  2. Unscrew the bottle top and pour Reviver into a suitable container/bowl.
  3. Stir well prior to application
  4. Apply Reviver with a new 5cm/2inch paintbrush using even strokes across the soft top. It is best to commence application in the centre of the soft top and as quickly as possible progress towards each side, the front and the back of the soft top. Wipe excess drips from paintwork, trims and glass with a damp cloth. Do not apply in direct sunlight, as this will cause the Reviver to dry out too quickly and produce an uneven result! 
    Depending on the condition of the top a litre of Reviver is usually sufficient for two coats on an average size soft top. It is important to allow Reviver to dry between coats. Always ensure that you have enough Reviver to coat the soft top completely and that you will not run out half way through application! 
    Renovo recommends applying at least two coats to achieve greater depth of colour on badly faded tops. 
    Reviver can also be applied in the same way as above to the fabric on the interior of the top.
  5. Allow the top to dry for approximately three hours, this will depend on the drying conditions. The Reviver may dry out more quickly if it is a warm day and may take longer to dry if it is a damp day! Do not take the car out in rain/wet weather until the Reviver has completely dried.
  6. We advise that to prolong the life of the re-colour provided by Reviver, you should allow 24 hours drying time and then protect it by applying Renovo Ultra Proofer!
  7. Wash out brush in warm soapy water

We advise that to prolong the life of the re-colour provided by Reviver, you should allow 24 hours drying time and then protect it by applying Renovo Ultra Proofer.


  • Ensure that the soft top is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient Reviver to complete a full coat.
  • Be diligent in removing previous waterproof coatings prior to application of Reviver.
  • Keep a soft damp cloth ready to wipe off any splashes or dribbles on paintwork and glass.
  • Work in a timely fashion to ensure that the edges of the freshly applied Reviver do not dry out too quickly.
  • Work from the centre outwards round and round the vehicle.
  • Apply to a dry top and allow Reviver to dry completely before applying further product or taking out in the rain.


  • Forget to shake the bottle prior to use.
  • Dilute or mix the Reviver with any other product.
  • Apply the Reviver in direct sunlight or on a hot day that will cause the Reviver to dry too quickly.
  • Allow to dry on glass and paintwork.
  • Apply to a soft top that has been coated with a waterproofing agent without removing the proofer first.
  • Apply to vinyl soft tops or cars with modified paintwork.