• ValetPRO Bilberry Wheel Cleaner


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    What is it?

    Non-acidic Wheel Cleaner


    How Does it Work?

    This is an alkaline wheel cleaner that's exceptionally good a removing grime. Enabling spray on rinse off product as seen in the video. It will remove lightly baked on brake dust with a bit of time and agitation.



    Low cost good cleaning power.  Helps remove wax layer so can be used for full detailing work.



    .1. Dilute. Heavily soiled: use neat/ Lightly soiled: 1:10.

    2. Spray onto wheel.

    3. Leave to dwell but not dry out.

    4. Rinse off thoroughly with a pressure washer.

    5. If necessary, reapply, agitate with a wheel brush and rinse thoroughly.

    Please note: Bilberry Wheel Cleaner is not suitable for un-laquered or polished rims. Test on an inconspicuous area on recoated or repaired wheels.