ValetPRO pH neutral Snow Foam 1L


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What is it?

High foaming pre wash.


How Does it Work?

This produces our thick foam.  The foam clings to the paint surface enabling the cleaner to penetrate the grime and thus make it easy to rinse the grime away prior to shampooing.



pH neutral make this cleaner wax safe. Designed to used with a well wax surface.


Dilution ration?

Using via a pump sprayer dilute between 1:15 to 1:25 depending on soiling.


Foam lance - This is always difficult to advise as each foam system can be quite different.  However most should work as advised. add 300ml to a 1L bottle and fill the remaining 700ml with water. Have the foam lance feed rate some where in the middle and then control the feed to get the desired effect.  This bottle dilution gives you more control.  You should be able to clean 3-5 cars per 1L bottle.