• Wheel Woolies Bully Wheel Brush 24in Red Grip


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    The Wheel Woolie Bully is an extra large wheel brush with an extended brush head for more coverage to ensure that only the softest wool is coming in contact with your wheels at all times.  Red grip handle

    • 24" long (12" handle, 12" brush length)
    • 3.5" brush head

    The Wheel Woolies Wheel Brushes range are premium wheel cleaner brushes that are easy to fit anywhere. These brushes are ideal to clean the toughest dirt and the tightest of areas. They are great for spokes, wheels, rims, grills, vents, engines and other hard-to-reach places. Wheel Woolies are safe for all wheels and rims, regardless of finish and shape. These brushes are made of the highest grade wool. They will bend and flex to fit into the tightest of spots. The long handles on the Wheel Woolies enable you to reach areas that could never be reached before. Always rinse your brush after each use, use clean water to remove dirt and grime and allow to dry after use