XVC Car Care RR Customs Invisible Wiper Kit


Is an advanced windshield coating, which develops very hydrophobic and extremely hard, crystal clear layer of protection on exterior glass surfaces. The product allows very fast repellent and clear glass from rain, ice, snow and bugs.


It can be used on all car glasses allowing safe driving in the rain with much better, clear all around vision. Treated glass surfaces will create a super hydrophobic properties, water will bead up and roll off while snow and ice will be effortless to remove.


For best results apply the product at a temperature above 15 °C.


Properly applied will last up to 12 months.


The Kit Contains:


- Activator (150ml Red Stripe Bottle)
- Invisible Wiper (150ml Blue Stripe Bottle)
- 2 applicator pads


- Clean the glass prior to application 

- For best results, work at temperatures above 15°C

- Apply the Activator (Red Stripe Bottle) to the glass surface using provided red applicator pad

- Leave the surface to dry for about 30 seconds and polish off the excess of the fluid with micro fibre cloth

- Apply the Invisible Wiper (Blue Stripe Bottle) using provided black applicator pad

- Heat the glass with hairdryer, heat gun or car heating system

- Apply the second layer of Invisible Wiper (Blue Stripe Bottle) and reheat the glass surface

- Polish off the excess of the fluid with micro fibre cloth