XVC Car Care RR Customs Quick Detailer + 1L


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It is a perfect detailing spray for adding additional protection to the paint. It is beneficial in handling dust, fingerprints, smudges, smears and traces of hard water. This Quick Detailer Plus will revitalise colour and improve the depth of metal lacquers, forming a high-gloss, slippery and smooth finish.

It’s by far the easiest way to boost the look of your car in almost no-time.

Use Quick Detailer Plus as a drying aid on a wet car.

Easy spray-on wipe off formula.




- Enhances gloss

- Adds great slickness

- Last longer

- Bonds with waxes and ceramic coatings

- Higher hydrophobic nature




- Store in a cool, dry place

- Do not freeze the product

- Avoid cleaning in full sunlight and ensure the bodywork is cool

- Apply after every cleaning of the vehicle for maximum results

How to use

- Distribute the Quick Detailer Plus evenly onto the surface

- Use a clean microfibre towel to wipe the surface dry gently

- Repeat if necessary