XVC Car Care RR Customs Wheel Gel + 1L


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A highly effective, acid-free and safe pH product with an improved formula (safe for all wheels including powder-coated, painted, aluminium, chrome, steel, wrapped and gloss finish). RRC Wheel Gel Plus is a high performing product while remaining safe to use on all car surfaces and will not deteriorate clear coats. Immediately after spray, the liquid begins to work into the dirt and grime; the formula begins to turn purple/red. Product is recommended for heavily soiled rims.


The unique and unmatched gel consistency of our wheel cleaner enables it to stick to grime, iron and brake dust. Filled wheels rapidly and efficiently, loosen and lifting contaminants in suspension and brakes so they can be safely rinsed away from the surface leaving wheels and tyres spotless.


- the improved gel formula allows for more extended dirt penetration and slower evaporation

- immediately react with the brake dust

- safe pH

- ready to use



- protect the skin during application

- store in a dry, cool place at 10-25 ℃

- do not expose the product to freezing or overheating

- do not allow the product to dry fully

- do not use in direct sunlight

- keep out of reach of children


- Shake the bottle before application

- Spray RRC Wheel Gel on wheels, tires, brakes and suspension components

- If heavy brake dust removal is required, allow our Wheel Gel gel to dwell on wheels for several minutes

- For best results, pair up RRC Wheel Gel with a wheel cleaning brush

- Rinse RRC Wheel Gel from wheels and tires using pressured water or hose

- Dry wheels to a perfect finish with a clean microfibre towel on compressed air