XVC Car Care RR Customs Water Spot Remover Light 1L


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It’s a fast and efficient water-spot remover to dissolve unsightly bonded mineral contaminants from your beloved vehicles. This is our softest version of the Water Spot Remover and can be use in your household to clean e.g. bathroom appliances.

Advanced acid base formula with pH value around 1. Designed to quickly removes damaging water spots, especially from glass surfaces. Safe to use on chrome, plastic and paint.

First, please make sure the vehicle is clean and dry and the surface to be treated is cool to the touch.


- Shake before use
- Spray on the surface
- Work in the solution with a sponge applicator, but no longer than around 1 minute on the glass surfaces and 2 minutes on body paint
- Wipe off with damp cloth and rinse well with water